Misti Freeman Staley is an artist living in Helena, Arkansas. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from Shorter College in Rome, Georgia. After school she lived in Atlanta, Georgia running her business, Gossamery Finishes, where she worked with high-end home designers gilding, painting murals, faux finishing, Venetian plastering and more. 

In 2008 Staley moved to Brooklyn, New York to pursue her career as a faux finisher and mural artist.

She then married her husband William Staley in 2010 and moved with him to Helena, Arkansas to help instill a love of the arts in the people of Phillips County through Thrive, a nonprofit design firm and small business incubator.  Her work now consists mostly of outdoor mural paintings, fine oil painted portraits on canvas, and faux and high-end finishes.

Staley also teaches art lessons to children, youth, and adults.  She has held a spring, fall, and summer session in Downtown Helena for the past 7 years.  Staley strives to fill each class with half paying students and half sponsored students. Classes currently include: The Art of Being an Artist Children’s Class, Classical Drawing for Youth, Classical Painting for Youth, 2-D Sculptures Like the Masters for Youth, 3-D Drawing and Painting Like the Masters for Youth, Classical Drawing for Adults, and Classical Oil Painting for Adults. Read more information, sponsor an art student, sign up for classes, and view the student’s artwork at the Helena Art Classes Facebook page.